Our company

The central factory of the TEMAFORG Textilrecovery Company was established in Kunszentmiklós – which has got advantageous infrastructure – in 1969. The new factory started production as a „greenfield investment” in 1971.

The factory became independent on 1st of March 1994 and it works as a privately owned, hungarian economic company, ensures work for 96 employee.

At the beginning used clothes collected in– and outside Hungary were selected to produce machine cleaning rags. From the beginning of the ’70 it has been started producing nonwoven technical and other textiles at the same time with the processing of the used clothes. Two different technologies were working together until the middle of the ’80. Because of a cleaning in the profile the factory has been producing only nonwoven textiles since 1985.

Our company produces nonwoven materials with the weight between 40-1500 g/m2. The recycling of the waste and composite materials is significant similarly to the regular materials. The annual production is 4-5000 MT, and 50% of this is sold abroad.

Our company follows the technical and technological changes and in order to be suitable for the demand of the market there were made continuous and modern investments. In 2013, in the frame of an investment credit (MNB NHP I. Pillér), we have bought a new production line in the value of EUR 325.000 (~97.500.000 Ft). As a result of these actions our manufacturing palette was expanded with a technology which meets the European standards.

In order to be better in the customer service our company works according to the standard ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. Our filling materials have OEKO- TEX- Certificate, so long as the geotextiles CE- Certificate.