We produce and sale these non-woven geotextiles for the building industry. Their main function is filtration and separation. According to the type their funtion tends on drainage, secure and anti-erosion too, but they are acceptable as watertight and waterconservation materials.

Application: civil engineering at road and railroad constructions, field- works, drainage systems, building of drainage and landfills, at the erosion secure of embankments, at structural engineering, formation of flat- and greenroofs.

Upholster materials

Felts, cushioning materials from 100% recycled fiber. We produce our materials in rolls and in cutted form.

Filling materials

Mostly from 100% PES groundmaterial, white colour, thermobonded fiber made products. We recommend them thank to their warm- keeping ability and good washing feature.

Industrial wipers, mop clothes, quilts

Made with Maliwatt technology, with straight and zigzag stitch yarn system sewn, with 150-400 g/m2 spatial density, from 100% regenerated fiber

Painting fleeces (white and colour)

We laminate the from 100% recycled fiber made needlepunched felt on a non-skidding foil. This productgroup is used at house renovation to the secure of the floor and coating. The good hygroscopical feature of the upper felt holds the liquid and the foil doesn’t let it through to the floor. Over this application this product can help the users in the household and in the industry. Available in rolls and as cutom- made cloth.

Other products

Besides the bigger productgroups we produce uncounted other products.

If you haven’t find the required material in the above mentioned productgroups, please, send us a handsample which we can check. If the material suits our production profile, we will send an offer to you.